3 Ways School Fundraisers Educate Parents

What we learn about our kids through fundraising events

Raising money for a cause can be a wonderful learning experience for children of all ages. But what about parents? It turns out they too have quite a bit to learn about how school fundraisers impact their kids.

The anticipation that comes with the chance to win that special prize means setting a sales goal. This is where the pressure to help your child succeed comes into play.

School fundraising helps cultivate a greater sense of what motivates your child. Parents also learn what the greatest needs are for your educational community. This is your opportunity to turn each sales day into a teachable moment.

1. School Fundraisers Show Us What Inspires Them

What motivates kids seems to evolve as they grow into their own unique individuals. Academics may be their strong suit. You may see your child seek to get good grades. Or athletics may drive them to give their all. Yet fundraising can highlight the strengths of your child’s work ethic. Raising money provides a discrete, rewards-based opportunity grounded in philanthropy.

When your school has their next fundraiser, listen to what your child has to say about it. Are the prizes getting them excited? Do they look forward to making a difference? Or are they bothered by one more thing on their plate?

These are important cues for parents to pick up on. Pay close attention to how eager your child is to want to take part. Discuss the various incentives the school is offering to see if anything is of interest. You may be able to use this at some point to get chores done or grades up.

2. School Fundraisers Inform Us about Educational Needs

Your child’s school is having a fundraiser because there’s a money shortage. The gap between the cost to educate and public funding won’t be closing any time soon. So fundraising provides a chance to learn about where your school could use a boost.

As a parent, it’s important to understand what the fundraiser is supporting. Use this information to help your child craft a compelling mission statement. It also makes you a better advocate for good education in your neighborhood.

You may even be able to give of your time. The school may need more aides in the classroom, and you have some time to volunteer. Or the school may need a one-time supply donation and you’ve got a connection.

Ask your school administration questions about the fundraising need. This is a valuable way to get more connected to improving your child’s education.

3. School Fundraisers Teach Us About Character Building Moments

Adding an event like a fundraiser to our plates can appear like one more annoying thing that we have to do. It’s easy to lose sight of the value of the experience and its character building benefits.

Don’t forego conversations with your child about the importance of raising money for a cause. There are many ways that school fundraisers prepare children vocationally. So it’s critical that you help point out the life skills they’re developing through the process.

Set aside some time during the sale to ask them what they found challenging and rewarding. Help them understand the importance between fundraising, their education, and helping their community.