Ever Heard That CBD Can Cause Headaches?

You must have heard that CBD can offer you relief from your headaches, a common condition that almost 70 percent of people around the world experience as per the data available with the WHO (World Health Organization). However, have you ever heard that CBD too can cause headaches?

We all know that CBD is a compound that occurs naturally and is found in industrial hemp strains. Being a plant-based supplement, we generally presume that CBD is safe for consumption and will not produce any side effects. However, a few rare cases have revealed that CBD also can trigger certain side effects. Some of them include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure

We have not listed headaches in the above list as that can occur in very rare cases. Also, since CBD is anti-inflammatory, people who are taking any blood thinning medicines should not consume CBD without consulting their doctor.

It is also very important that one should choose a very authenticated CBD store like JustCBDstorewhile buying any products like CBD candies.

Although the effects of CBD have not yet been fully studied by researchers and many more research activities are still ongoing regarding CBD. However, the following are a few reasons attributed for showing up any side effects due to CBD.

  1. Proper CBD oil dose

While consuming CBD, you need to monitor very carefully your doses. It is always important to start with the lowest dose and then slowly increase and also check for desired effects.

Most CBD side effects were detected by scientists due to uncontrolled use of CBD besides poor quality.

  1. Poor CBD quality

The CBD market at present is in evolving stage and no proper market regulation exists. Due to the extreme popularity of CBD, quite a few unscrupulous businesses are trying the exploit the situation and trying to make quick money by supplying spurious products. You need to guard against that and only rely on a few reputed suppliers only.

  1. From where hemp plants are sourced

From where the hemp plant has been sourced also matters a lot. Generally, the hemp plant grown in the USA is considered the best as it is grown under a very controlled environment by organic means.

If the hemp plant is sourced from overseas then it may absorb lead, mercury, and other chemicals.

  1. Third-party laboratory test

Since CBD industries at present are not controlled by FDA and therefore, while buying any such products from any source, it is essential to seek a third-party test laboratory report where the composition of the CBD will be available.

By knowing the exact ingredients present in the CBD you can ensure that proper quality.

There is always a possibility that you may try to link any of the side effects that you see with the cannabidiol use including headaches. Also, remember that many types of headaches are also present and each may contribute to its own causes. So, don’t jump to the conclusion that CBD is the reason for side effects. You must also discuss your problem with your doctor.